As per KNSW Rule Book Section 4E.10 – Technical Conformity

4E.10.1 Overview
The Chief Scrutineer or approved technical engine inspector, can be appointed by an
Organiser or KNSW to inspect an engine for conformity. Fees can be charged for these
Inspections will be based on the Technical & Engine Regulations, and in regards to the
finish of engine components as compared with original components.
4E.10.2 Engine Seals
All engines must be sealed, with seals recognised by the Organisers prior to the start of
a Meeting.
a) The Competitor is responsible for ensuring all seals are intact.
b) It is at the discretion of the Organisers to refuse entry to a team with an engine with
missing or broken seals.
c) The Organising committee can elect to allow a Competitor/team to Race, upon the
agreement that the engine will be bagged and tagged and be sent to an Authorised
Agent for inspection, immediately after the Event.
d) Any engine found to not conform with the Technical & Engine Regulations, will be
handed back in pieces and will be required to pay any fees owing, before having a
future race entry accepted.

4E.10.3 Engine Sealing – Authorised Agents
An Authorised Agent is an engine sealer or repairer as listed in these Endurance
To ensure there are no conflict of interests arising from any matter relating to a technical
breach, or post race inspection, the following rules apply to Authorised Agents:
a) With respect to engines that an authorised agent owns, competes with, or is part of a
multi-kart team with, the Authorised Agent:
• Must engage the services of an alternate Authorised Agent to undertake any
inspection if re-sealing of a motor(s) is required. In this case, the engine can be
dismantled and fully inspected by the alternate Authorised Agent.
• Cannot undertake any post race inspections of motor(s) either at the Track or if an
engine is impounded at the direction of the Chief Scrutineer.
• For transparency, an Authorised Agent must act in the best interests of the category
at all times. An engine builder found to be operating outside of the best interests
of the category can have their name removed from the list of approved Authorised
Agents immediately.
• For transparency, at any time, the Chief Steward can impound an engine and have
it inspected by an alternate Authorised Agent to ensure the engine conforms to the
The agents listed within this Regulation are currently authorised to carry out maintenance,
repairs and (re)sealing of engines.
Briggs & Stratton LO206 / Briggs Animal
• AHPI Pty Ltd (AussieSpeed) or an appointed agent
• WAR Motorsport (4SKA and TEKA)
• International Karting Distributors (IKD) (4SKA)
• Wildslide Motorsport – Cecil Hills NSW (4SKA and TEKA subject to approval)

4E.10.4 Club Specifications
In addition to these Regulations, Four Stroke Clubs can have further regulations regarding
engines. Such items may include additional tagging of components, rebuilding of engines,
log books, and the way in which engines are purchased from new.

The following 4 tags are required to be eligible to compete in a 4SKANSW Endurance event