Eligible Components

The following are eligible components as approved by 4SKANSW Inc.



The control engine is the Subaru KX21DU Sports Karting Engine. All engines must be sealed for competition using 4SKANSW Inc. Padlock seals.

The engines are supplied with a rev-limiter in the box. For racing purposes the rev-limiter should be discarded.



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There are two eligible clutches

Maxtorque SS Clutch /  Noram GE Series

The Maxtorque SS clutch must be in standard form. For added strength you are permitted to weld the clutch spline to the backing plate.

The Noram GE Series clutch must have white springs.

Sprocket size and gearing for Subaru racing is open. This is for both clutch and rear sprockets.


Exhaust System

The control exhaust system consists of the following parts

AussieSpeed Subaru KX21 Header Pipe – Painted finish
AussieSpeed Subaru Muffler Coupler Adapter (6 Bolt 100mm X 75mm overall length)

Club members are able to purchase a new control exhaust package below.

If you are not a club member please contact Aussiespeed Australia Direct.

Buy a 4SKANSW Exhaust Package

Lock Wiring of Sump Plugs

It is now compulsory for all engine Sump & Filler plugs to be lockwired shut. Please lockwire sump and filler plugs on the front and back of your engines. No karts will be allowed on the circuit without their sump and filler plugs lockwired. This is a KA requirement.

Any of the below techniques are acceptable.

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