Engine & Components

The following are eligible components as approved by 4SKANSW Inc.


1. Engines

Our control motor is the Briggs & Stratton LO206 race engine. For teams competing in our series, engines can be purchased from the following stockists.

All engines are provided with two Briggs and Stratton Factory seals, as well as additional black seals fitted prior to shipping in Australia as requested by 4SKANSW Inc. to ensure engines remain as standard.  See Engine Eligibility Details

Engines purchased outside of the above distributors without the additional tags are ineligible.

2. Control Exhaust

 The control exhaust is the RLV 5507 Silencer and exhaust

3. Clutches

The control clutch is the Hillard Inferno Flame Clutch.

The front sprocket size is open so long as it suits a 219 Pitch chain.

We have released a document which lists the controlled aspects of running the Inferno Flame clutch in our series, as well as some recommended setup and maintenance guidelines. 2020 Control Clutch Settings