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From humble beginnings to a karting success story.

The Subaru Karting Association of New South Wales Inc. was incorporated in January 2014 by Ray Russell, Mark Pickering and Rhonda Leet.

For many years, Picton Karting Track ran Endurance & Sprint Racing Events at their circuit on a Saturday night for karts with Subaru KX21 engines. The founding members of this club raced in this series.

The series needed to grow and venture to new circuits and the only way for that to be possible was for the teams to take on the running of the series.

The club began after a conversation between Ray and Mark. “Hey Mark, I’ve got an idea, Lets run an event at Port Macquarie and invite drivers from Queensland and call it a State of Origin Event.” Ultimately the success of the club is based on this initial idea, take our friends away for the weekend and go racing and enjoy each others company.

With the help of Rhonda, Ray & Mark began the journey of the Subaru Karting Association, registering the club, investing in the required insurance, a second-hand timing decoder & some basic equipment needed to run a race meeting.

The founding members also embarked on writing the first version of our rule book for sprint & endurance racing, a book that served us well in those early years.

The first event could have been our last. To say we learnt a lot from that first meeting is an understatement. The weather at Port Macquarie was monsoonal, however we were greatly supported by our teams and friends and we are proud to say many of the people that attended the very first event, are still racing with the club today.

By 2015 the club was running a full calendar of racing and had attracted the attention of Karting New South Wales. The club was approach by the then President of Karting New South Wales and after many meetings and ultimately a vote by the members the club affiliated with the Governing Body, offering greater protection for everyone involved. This move also saw us more greatly accepted by circuits we wished to race at because we were now all part of the same organisation.

The Subaru KX21 was included for the first time in the National Rule Book as a competition engine, and our race meetings began to gain more credibility and status over the following seasons.

At our first meeting we had just nine teams compete and about thirty five drivers., three years later we were averaging twenty-five teams, the current status quo is closer to forty teams and well over a hundred drivers.

The impending closure of Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan, the manufacturers of the Subaru KX21 engine meant our Subaru power plant suddenly had an expiry date.

In response to this in early 2018, the club voted on a name change to the:

Four Stroke Karting Association of New South Wales Inc.

From 2019 our engine of choice became the: Briggs and Stratton LO206.

The Briggs & Stratton Engine has been an absolute winner for the club. The rev limiter means the engine looks after itself, the engines are even, and the racing close.

The club now boasts professional equipment levels, Race America Track Safety Lights, Portable Weigh Bridge and our own Club Trailer. We have invested thousands of dollars over the years to improve the racing experience, and will continue to do so.

The clubs vision has always remained the same:

  • We are a social club that goes racing
  • We use a control sealed Briggs & Stratton LO206 tagged motor that can be fitted to most karting chassis, the engine is sealed so you cant touch it, the result is everyone is on a level playing field.
  • We always attempt to run our events professionally and fairly in the interests of competitors
  • We are non-for profit, meaning all money made goes into equipment for the club or promotion of our racing.
  • We visit the best tracks in the ACT & NSW on an annual basis and run eight rounds of racing a year.

As it stands in 2021, The Four Stroke Karting Association of NSW is one of the biggest contributors to Karting NSW in terms of participation. We have grown this from a class on the fringe to a class that is recognised as being very professional and a great contributor to the sport of karting in our state. The club is heavily involved in ensuring the rules evolve to keep the racing on the track, not off it. We see an issue, we fix it. This is about low cost competitive fun with as little politics as possible in what is a dynamic sport.

Don’t be fooled, this series is super competitive and now boasts huge grids everywhere we visit, be a tenth off in qualifying and you could be outside of the top ten – its close and it’s why we continue to attract some big name drivers on a full time basis.

Our events are more often than not decided by seconds, not laps. This is one of the closest categories you will find. Come along and have a go – you’ll be surprised at just how good this series is.


President – Mark Turnbull
Vice President – Greg Cox
Secretary – Maxine Cooper
Treasurer – Damien Selakovic
Officials Co-ordinator – Maxine Cooper
Club contact – Rob Russell
General Committee – Brad Tudman
General Committee – Paul Mirosevic


Ray Russell – 2016
Mark Pickering – 2018