The Club

Our vision is to offer the Karter a highly competitive racing environment, which is fun, affordable & offers the challenge of a variety of tracks.

The KX21 Engine can be fitted to most karting chassis with little or no modifications. Simply grab a friend or two and you’re set for Endurance Racing!

Our club is growing at a steady rate. We do things differently, with emphasis on social weekends away and well run, safe and enjoyable race meetings.

Current 4SKANSW Inc Committee

President – Mick Upston
Vice President – David Scott
Secretary – Mark Pickering
Treasurer – Michael Russell
Licencing Officer – Clair McEntee
Club Contact – Andrew Evans
Public Officer – Mark Turnbull
TIming Officer – Adam Smith
Club Shop – Bryan Freestone, Mark Turnbull
Website – Dave Upston
Design & Promotion – Dave Upston
Club Trailer – Michael Russell

Life Membership – Ray Russell