Get Involved – Membership & Licences

The 5 steps to getting on track are outlined below. Please read each section carefully. The club has tried to include as much information as possible for new and potential members.

1. Club Membership

The Four Stroke Karting Association of NSW Inc. is a club affiliated with Karting New South Wales.

In order to hold a KNSW licence, you must first become a member of a KNSW affiliated club.

If you choose 4SKANSW Inc as your club, you will be supporting a Not-for-profit organisation that puts every cent earned back into the running of race events.  Those who have raced with us will vouch for our continued improvement in club equipment and technology.

4SKANSW Membership cycle

Our club membership term is now based on the Financial Year. This means that memberships are renewed on July 1st each year.  If you are not a member and need to join at a different stage of the year, the fees are reduced by $25 on a pro-rata basis every 4 months.  If you are joining for an event in late June, please contact a committee member and we will do what we can to assist.

Please log onto the KNSW licencing system and follow the prompts to join and support 4SKANSW Inc.

2. Applying for your Karting NSW Licence

Please note, you must be a member of a club before applying for, or renewing your KNSW Licence. Please see Step 1 above.

In order to race with the Four Stroke Karting Association of NSW Inc, you must hold a current Karting NSW licence.

If you think you previously held a licence, you can retrieve your login information from the new MyKarting Portal by entering in the details you believe you registered with previously and following the prompts to check your licence status.

Get your new MyKarting ID

If you have not held a licence, simply visit the MyKarting portal and follow the instructions.

Karting NSW MyKarting Portal

3. Fit the eligible components to your kart

4SKANSW Inc Eligible Components

4. Set your kart up with a ballast (if required)

Adding weight to your kart

5. Register a kart number

4SKANSW Inc kart number register