Get Involved – Membership & Licences

The 5 steps to getting on track are outlined below. Please read each section carefully. The club has tried to include as much information as possible for new and potential members.


1. Club Membership

The Four Stroke Karting Association of NSW Inc. is a club affiliated with Karting New South Wales.

To be licenced and be able to compete you must be a member of a Karting New South Wales affiliated club.

By choosing us as your club your financial support helps to improve our events, equipment and the overall experience of your race day.

2. Applying for your Karting NSW Licence

In order to race with the Four Stroke Karting Association of NSW Inc, you must hold a current Karting NSW licence.

If you previously held a Karting Australia Licence you will need to renew to Karting NSW when it’s expired.  You can retrieve your login information from the new MyKarting Portal by entering in the details you registered with previously and following the prompts to check your licence status.

Get your new MyKarting ID

If you have not held a licence, simply visit the MyKarting portal and follow the instructions.

Karting NSW MyKarting Portal

3. Fit the eligible components to your kart

4SKANSW Inc Eligible Components

4. Set your kart up with a ballast (if required)

Adding weight to your kart

5. Register a kart number

4SKANSW Inc kart number register