This will serve as a help forum to assist members with any setup issues they are having.  It will also help teams find drivers and drivers find teams.
We will get it started over the next week or so with a few basic tips on setup.

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What gears are going to be the best.

All I have 18T came with motor.

Hey SCG810.  Gearing is really up in the air for the first year of the Briggs 206.

Play around with a few different gearing combinations and see what works for your kart and driver weights. If you have a record of what you have run previously, you can use that as a guide once you establish a gearing combo at Newcastle and work out what you should start with at future tracks.

One of the only real restrictions people face is the size of the rear sprocket that your chassis will accept.  Some chassis will not fit any larger than a 68T rear sprocket for the inboard 4 stroke setups.


So basically spy on the guys that do the testing and copy what they do;)


Was the story of our last season