All new engines should be purchased from Aussiespeed.

Engines purchased from Aussiespeed arrive tagged and ready to race and this is encouraged as it allows the volunteer committee to spend less time tagging motors and more time running the series.

Should an engine be purchased elsewhere it will attract the following fees:

a) New in unopened box – $75.00 per engine.
b) Any other condition (unopened box, or previously used – $150.00 per engine.
c) Engines that have a damaged tag that is intact but needs replacing will be re-tagged free of charge.

Do not remove an engine tag for any reason or the $150.00 tagging fee will be applied.

All engines are checked for any modifications and the tagging fees are representative of the time taken to check motors. The success of our series is ensuring all motors are standard from the factory.

​Engines are inspected thoroughly and any engine found to be illegal will not be re-assembled prior to returning them to the owner and will attract an $1138 fee. An illegal engine will have it’s engine number recorded and will not be eligible in the series from that moment forward.